The Origin

The VITA Revolution starts with one of those Sunday conversations. The I-will-never-drink-again combined with lets-change-the-world type. Among a group of close friends who believe life should be lived to the fullest, but without neglecting health or shape. Who are unconvinced about traditional drinking options and start dreaming about a delicious, low-calorie, bad stuff-free drink to share with friends, that would let you enjoy the Carpe Diem and its next day consequences in good shape.

Who hasn’t changed the world over the length of a conversation?

Well, this particular one –ours- took a bit longer than usual.

Exactly two years of passionate quest finding the key to redefine drinking. 

New Spirit

The first thing was bringing Utopia down to reality. The target: a revolutionary premium spirit with enough personality to create its own Category. The challenge: perfection through simplicity.  A unique option, parallel to no other, sufficiently savory to be enjoyed with still or carbonated water. No additives, no gluten, no sugars added – just water. Putting more H2O in the equation while great memories are in the making. 



Selected Ingredients

As clear was the goal, uncertain was the journey. After extensive research, long travels and uncountable meetings we found the right partner to join us in our particular revolution – a renowned group of master distillers with a solid tradition in the production of premium spirits, eager to contribute their expertise to our quest. Together we worked relentlessly towards defining the personality of our new spirit, born from selected wheat from the South of France, and produced with a unique formula containing different citrus fruits extracts from that grant it today its particular taste.


The Drink of Choice

Distilled three times to ensure the maximum purity, resulting in a new, revolutionary premium drink produced with top ingredients. A smooth, subtle and simple option that is so perfectly delicious that needs nothing but pure water to be enjoyed.

Our Pledge

VITA believes in giving back. We will donate 10% of our dividends to Charitable Foundations preserving our Earth and ensuring Social Rights





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