Born on the water

Perfected on the coast

Changing the way people drink

Born on the water

Sunday 7:35 pm - Calo des Mort, Formentera

lt all started right there. We were six friends on a boat. It was the end of a long and memorable summer. I can still remember a purple sunset over the sea and a warm breeze helping us get back to Ibiza that evening. Our conversation was the one we would have every now and then after a long weekend all together. The I-will-never-drink-again combined with let´s-change-the-world type.

We all shared that life should always be lived to the fullest, but without neglecting health or shape. We were unconvinced about traditional drinking options and that got us to envision a natural, low-calorie and balanced spirit that would let us enjoy the Carpe Diem, while minimizing the downsides of drinking.

Perfected on the coast

142 years of distilling experience. 18 months of research.

When we got back to our day to day lives, we kept talking and dreaming of conceiving a spirit free of additives and free of unnecessary sugars nor artificial flavors. A formula that could also be blended with any water while keeping a natural and fresh flavor. A formula that would redefine drinking.

142 years. That´s the collective vodka crafting wisdom of a family-owned distillery from Barcelona that partnered with us to explore our aspiration.

18 months. That´s the time that took us to explore the Mediterranean region in search of selected ingredients, and to find a triple destillation formula that would deliver the first vodka designed to be mixed with water.

Changing the way people drink

Best Mixed with Water

Vita is born for those that aim to drink responsibly. Those that don´t want to restrain themselves from enjoying the pleasure of drinking a delicious, fresh and light-bodied cocktail with a unique organic citrus essence. Those that seek for a spirit that when mixed with water or soda water the end flavor results delightful and worth their time. Those that want to move on and believe - just like us - that we are finally in the end of the soft drink era.

Vita VodkaWater


Triple distilled Mediterranean vodka

Crafted from premium Italian rye grain,

low mineralization water,

and natural lemon peel from the Mediterran Coast

Bursting into a natural and fresh citrus flavorwhen blended with water and ice in your glass


Crafted from premium Italian rye grain

We source all of our rye grains from the Southern region of Italy; farmed for centuries by generations of crafters who understand that the yield is only as good as the quality of the seed you sow

Low mineralization water

Our water has exceptionally low mineral content, achieved through a reverse osmosis desalinization process on the Mediterranean coast. Sounds fancy, and it really is. More importantly, this lack of minerals allows our vodka to be mixed with any water while keeping an unaltered, natural and fresh citrus flavor that makes your drink truly enjoyable

Natural Lemon Peel Extract

Lemons grow best with lots of sunshine, and the Mediterranean Coast has plenty of that – 98 days a year on average to be exact. These favorable conditions give our lemon extract the perfect combination of tartness and sweetness, delivering a refreshing burst of flavor as crisp as an ocean breeze.



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